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 Visa Requirements

1. The passport validty atleast six months

2. 3, Forms duly filled & signed by applicant(With Index Finger impression)

3. Three Photos colour with white background

4. Covering letter in details on Company letterhead

5. Hotel Reservation from Peru.

6.Invitation in Spanish Language duly notorized from Peru to be mailed directly to the embassy on the following e-mail id or faxed on +91-11-4616 3301 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +91-11-4616 3301 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

7. Recommandation Letter from Chambers of Commerce

8. Original 3 months Personal and Company(min bal Rs 10 lac) bank statement with original bank seal.

9. Income tax papers in original personal and Company both last 3 years Or Copy attested from Notory.

10. company porfile Or Memorandum of articals or Company registration.

5-6 days


1. The Passport validty atleast six months

2. 3 Visa application forms duly filled (with index fingure impression)

3. 3 Recent passport size colour photographs.

4. covering letter stating the applicant's name, designation, purpose and duration of stay.

5. Recommendation or leave sanction letter from the employer which should give a brief detail of the applicant and his designation in the company. Or N.O.C letter from the employer.

6. Financial solvency proof
(a) foreign exchange endorsement
(b) Original bank statements last 3 months updated (minimum bal 1 lac) with bank seal.
(c) Copies of credit cards.

6. Hotel confirmation and Day to Day Tour itnanary

7. Confirmed return air ticket.

8. Personal Income tax papers last 3 years in Original Or Copy attested from Notory.

4 to 5 working days