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 Visa Requirements

Completed visa application form

Three recent passport size colour photographs with a light background,

A letter on company 's letter head from the employer confirming that the applicant is undertaking the trip on the company's behalf.

The letter should also mentioned the purpose of visit, dates, and outlining who will be responsible for the full costs of the trip / travel / accommodation / expenses ect.

A letter of invitation form the irish company giving contact details & stating the reason for & duration of the applicant's propose visit & showing responsibility for the applicant's accommodation & maintenance costs during the stay.

Evidence of the applicants obligations to return to his country of parmanent residence i.g. letter from employer showing the applicant's current employment situation, the date of expected return to the employment / college / commipments and details giving as to who will fun the trip, boarding & lodging.

Evidence of previous contact / correspondence betwen companies if any. If contact exists between both the companies then kindly enclose the same.

Proof of sufficient funds ( Both individual & Company ). In case the applicants responsible for the costs of the trip, evidence of his personal finances in the form of a detail bank statement covering a Six months period will be required. The applicant also must explain by is he undertaking this trip at his own expence.

Time Taken : 7 days as cases are submitted through VFS

DD in the favor of " Embassy of Ireland" - New Delhi


3 Visa application form duly filled

Three recent passport size colour photographs with light background

Covering letter from the applicant on company's letterhead stating his name, designation, purpose and duration of visit.

Confirmation of Hotel booking or letter from reference in Ireland undertaking to provide you with accommodation during your stay.

A detailed account as to how the reference met you, (where applicable).

Evidence that you have sufficient funds to maintain yourself during your stay (recent bank statement covering a six month period) or evidence from your reference in Ireland undertaking to support you financially during your stay.

Evidence of obligations to return to your country of permanent residence following this visit, e.g.
1) Letter from employer/ college showing your current employment situation & the date you are expected to return to that employment/ college.
2.) Details of family members residing in your country of permanent residence.
3.) Details of your accommodation in your country of permanent residence, e.g. Ownership details or rental agreement.

If visiting another EU member state prior to traveling to Ireland, the relevant visa for that country should be obtained before a visa for Ireland can be Issued.

If traveling to visit a non EU national resident in the state, details of non EU national's permission to remain in this state should be submitted (e.g. Garda (Police) Registration Card).

For Group Tours- Itinerary & Booking Receipt.

Time Taken : 7 days as cases are submitted through VFS

by draft in favour of "EMBASSY OF IRELAND" New Delhi with documents