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 Visa Requirements

1) A valid passport. The passport should be valid at least 3 months after the expiry date of your visa and should contain at least one double blank page reserved for visas (blank front and back)

2) One application form, duly filled and signed by the applicant .

3) An original invitation letter from the inviting company in Belgium mentioning the name, profession and passport number of the person(s) invited, the purpose and duration of the visit, which party will bear the travelling and lodging expenses, telephone/fax number/e-mail address of the inviting company in Belgium name, position and signature of the legal representative of the inviting business relation. This letter should be made on official letter head paper used by the company.

4) A covering letter from the Indian company (or an official organisation in India) confirming the applicant’s position within the company. The letter should also mention which party is bearing the expenses related to the trip of the applicant. This letter should be made on official letter head paper used by the company.

5) Your return plane ticket reservation with all flights confirmed.

6) Overseas medical insurance policy.

7) Proof of Employment such as:
Letter from employer confirming salary and length of employment and/ or employment contract.
Leave granting letter from employer
Salary statements.
Business licenses and/or registration.

8 ) Proof of Personal Funds such as:
Income Tax Returns from the past three years and/or bank statements books from the past six months updated.

9) Hotel booking



1.Original passport valid for at least six months

2.One application form with all columns filled in and 2 recent photographs in the size of 3.5 cms x 4.5 cms with white / light background.

3.Covering letter IN ORIGINAL signed by the applicant. For self employed/ businessman, going on tourist visa, covering letter preferably on company's letterhead is required

4.Copy of CONFIRMED prepaid hotel reservation

5.Copy of ITINERARY prepared by the travel agency (for those going on tour)

6.Copy of income tax papers of last three year, last THREE month bank statement, last 3 months salary slips

7.Photocopy of OVERSEAS medical insurance policy + REPATRIATION, evacuation cover (equivalent to 30,000 euros).

8.Copy of air ticket or PNR (booking printout).

9.For minor travelling alone the visa application must include an authorization from both his/her parents to travel alone. The authorization has to be certified by an entitled Indian authority and enclose copy of the parents' identity.

If the minor is travelling with an adult other than his/her parents, this adult has to be legally authorized by the minor's parents to accompany him/her and take any measure that be needed in case of illness, accident,etc.

If the minor is accompanied by only one of his/her parents, the other one should give his/her legal authorization to let her/his child travelling with his/her spouse.

10.For any student under 18, applicants are requested by the French authorities to provide with either a photocopy of certificate from their school or university or any other document as a proof of their enrollment as a student or apprentice.

In case you are staying with family or friends: a written statement from them is required, with their complete reference in Belgium

A letter of guarantee (in the prescribed form “Annexe 3bis”/“Bijlage 3bis” - French - Flemish) by a guarantor permanently residing in Belgium or of Belgian nationality (in case he/she is NOT residing in Belgium). This document can be obtained from the guarantor’s municipality (or a Belgian mission abroad) where it has to be certified. It is valid for 6 months after its issue.
Official proof of sufficient solvency of the guarantor: copy of the guarantor’s 3 most recent salary sheets /guarantor’s most recent tax sheet/ other official proof of the guarantor’s solvency).

Remark: a letter from the bank or deposit account statement will not do.

Family visit (mother, father, brother, sister, in-laws): the guarantor must earn at least € 800 net/month + € 150 for each of the guarantor's current dependents and/or + € 150 for each person invited.

Friends visit: the guarantor must earn at least € 1.000 net/month + € 150 for each of the guarantor's current dependents and/or + € 200 for each person invited.
A photocopy of the identity card or the unlimited residence permit of the guarantor.
Remark: a person with a limited residence permit cannot legally act as a guarantor.
An original and authenticated Certificate of family composition on the name of the guarantor, issued by his/her municipality in Belgium.


•Employed applicants to submit a letter from the employer with details of employment and leave.
•Self employed applicants to submit proof of business i.e. firm's registration or partnership deed.
•Unemployed applicants and students can submit their spouse's / parent's financial papers AND a letter of employment or business.
•Copy of marriage certificate wherever necessary for e.g. if wife's passport is in maiden name.
•No visa will be issued on additional pages.
•Children must travel on their individual passports